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The first time I met these twin sisters was on Long Island – they were about 18 months old –  so when my dear friend from high school messaged me on Facebook about taking their senior photos – it hardly seemed possible that we had already arrived at this point (cough) 16 1/2 years later.  I still distinctly remember hanging out and singing in the show choir with their mama and now here I was in beautiful Farmville, Virginia getting to know the young adults that these ladies had become.

Rachael is a soft spoken creative, whose face lights up when she smiles.  She is quite gentle, but no one should mistake that for weakness of any kind.  She has a fierce determination and ambition to live a creative life and she is loyal and strong for those she loves.


Amanda has a grounded confidence and what I can only describe as a magnetic “swagger”.  She is quick witted and has a great sense of humor – she is easy with a laugh and has this quality of making you instantly comfortable in her presence.


They could not be more different from each other, and yet I witnessed a bond of trust and love and support between the two of them and simply a “knowing” of the other.   Some of this, I guess, is what it is to be a twin.






2015-04-27_0011Whatever it is – it’s pretty special.


As always, I’m grateful for the privilege to make photographs of incredible people.



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