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A year and a half ago I received the gift of a “Dammit Doll” from my business coach and friend, Jeff Jochum* (read more about him below)…

dammit doll

I don’t really use this guy when things go wrong  – I happen to slam – I mean – “use”  him when someone says something that I know to be true, but I’m not quite ready to hear it yet…

During coaching – Jeff  challenged me with the question – “What are five things you would do if you weren’t afraid?”

My response was this –

skydive, get a tattoo, move to a different city, let my hair go grey, act again

The answers actually revealed a lot about me and I was all happy and comfortable in my mere admission…

until I shared them with my mom…

“You know”, she said, “You could do all of those…any time you want…”

dammit hit


She’s right.

Buh-bye comfort.

Actually I’m working on one of them right now.  (More to come on that )

In the meantime…do you know what you’d do?



*Jeff Jochum is a strategic business coach for creative and personal service businesses, and Founder of Team X biz, a professional community of highly creative entrepreneurs.  He’s wonderful. You can learn more about him at (Jeff’s previous URL was – which explains the doll and the fact that I slammed – I mean “used” – it a number of times during coaching 🙂 )


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