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Personal Best

My daughter has just finished her summer swim team season and I’ve been looking through some of the photos and thinking about how proud I am of her.  Over 90% of her swims this summer earned her a green ribbon.  A green ribbon is what you get when you beat the time you swam in the meet before…your personal best.

What more could we want for her?

Personal Best

 Here is the encouragement we’ve given her before every meet…

1.  Trust everything you’ve been learning in practice during the week.

2.  Don’t go looking for the person in the lane next to you  – turning your head will slow you down.

3.  Earn a green ribbon – do YOUR best.

Well, this got me thinking about how I talk to myself day in and day out and some of the outrageous expectations I place on myself.  In this time where other people’s “stuff” is so in my face – I can’t help sometimes but to feel competitive with the next guy/gal.

I’ve asked my girl if I can borrow one of her green ribbons to pin on the bulletin board that hangs by my desk…

so I can take encouragement…

and earn some green ribbons of my own.




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